Am I..?

Am I annoying?

Am I boring?

Am I lagging?

Am I stupid?

Am I a decoration?

Am I just an obligation?

Am I outdated?

Am I uninteresting?

Am I nice to chat with?

Am I brave?

Am I.. the ONE?

These are questions constantly playing in my mind nowadays, because YOUR attention is not really on me, not anymore..

I feel, really really just feel like an annoying person to YOU.

I’m just a decoration.

There’s no passion, just obligation.

We do not know each other as well as we imagined. Friends normally are more important.

What does this mean?








I do not know anything anymore, in the end, I’m still a blank paper.


*Just a way to release myself from all the stress that has been building up inside, because it doesn’t seem to heal by itself*

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