Stay Alert of AnimeFiesta Kuala Lumpur (AFKL) Scam Event!

AnimaFiesta Kuala Lumpur (AFKL), claiming to be the largest anime expo in Malaysia, and the first to bring in Miku Hatsune concert, in *planning* to be held in KLCC. (Need over 9000! ticket preorders to confirm lol?)

First of all, I’ve never heard of this event, so I was doubtful, so I just observe first without saying anything. Good thing fellow Cosplayers or Hobbyist from West Malaysia checked with KLCC on whether there were this event on the announced date, which is NONE. Even Miku Hatsune’s company Sega, confirmed that their last concert will be in March which is before AFKL ^^”

In terms of logic and common sense, it is a fake/scam/TROLL event already @.@ However I see there’s still ppl defending the event organizer and buying Miku Hatsune concert tickets from them wth? Just hope ppl will stop being naive and see reality~~ Don’t buy tickets from them~ Its RM50 the cheapest for a ticket, a few hundred ppl buying would be a large sum ^^”

There’s also this generous person who went all the way to investigate the event’s site, which is epic win! XD Awesome research and investigation, useful to be a programmer? :3 Look at how he investigate the Scams of AnimeFiesta Kuala Lumpur 😀

After reading that, I bet a normal human being would not believe in AFKL anymore, its a scam! and the whole site is entirely copy pasta! Its plagiarism! @.@

Update : Visit here too for valid reasons why AFKL are considered to be a scam event. Also heard there was a similar scam event within the K-pop community, visit here for more info on that, it seems like the scammers are the same group as AFKL? Their methods or operations are almost the same~ hmmmmmm…

Also, please beware of the event’s individual Facebook account, I see some people still asking about ticket purchase there ^^”

OMG? Ticket tooo expensive to belief its real @.@ Even in AFA11 Miku Hatsune Cncert VIP ticket wasn’t THAT expensive =.= This is clearly to scam people of their fortune knowing that people can’t resist! Please spread the word~~~~ *Concert became Live Party lolwat?*

Anyway, please do not be tricked, this is mass scamming~~~ (◎`ε´◎ )

*Away From Keyboard lol?*


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