Nana’s Green Tea @ 1U

On the same day as my CoCo ICHIBANYA review post here, me with laopo-tachis also went to Nana’s Green Tea for a break, since I heard from laopo and Kim that the desserts and green tea there are very good!? @.@

And it really is~ So is the price though >_< Well, come long long once  awhile seems ok :’D

Now this is the right path to a parfait! Not a full-fledged yet XD  But the ice cream is omg~~~ heavenly Green Tea flavor! Almost original coz it wasn’t as sweet as any normal ice cream (and that’s what I like & searching for, real green tea ice cream is not sweet or only slightly sweet) >_<

I also love the green tea chocolat as the topping, much bitter too <3 red beans and longans are sweet, of course XD When scooping down, you’ll find more jellies, crunches and then creamy milk at the bottom. The mixture is a paradise >////<

Price at RM19.80 each :’D Can be shared by 2 persons.

This pink parfait belongs to blush blush pink Kenan LOL  Sakura flavor ice cream parfait for a limited time 😀 Though I couldn’t quite taste the sakura flavor, since I never tasted one before >_< This one, it taste pretty similar to strawberry haha Nana’s Green Tea parfait still the best for me :3

A gathering isn’t complete without a welfie! *smileeeeeeee* ini macam troll face :v

And gulps! Too yummy to miss any drops XD *dam photobomb*

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