Joyce Birthday @ Star Chef

Yup.. Last Friday celebrated a fren’s Birthday, this time at my dad’s fren’s restaurant who used to own Westwood, now has a new western food restaurant named Star Chef~! The prices are almost the same, but maybe the ingredient had been improved? ^^

Located at Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, opposite MBKS swimming pool, along the same row with Patio cafe 😀

The interior of the restaurant, the long row in the middle was where we sat, reserving 20 seats lol

The bar area.. nop, its the counter XD

This part looks romantic.. o.O

Mushroom soup RM3.00 Comment by Cynthia : Very nice and thick, home-made or own recipe.. 😀

Iced Lemon Tea RM2

Carrot Juice RM4-5

Well, I sure wanna tegur a bit about the drinks, not much choice ah.. >< Bet it would be nicer if they got more choices of drinks/smoothies ^^ Prices bit not balanced? lol

*Commercial break* Candid shots of the Birthday Girl 😛

Almost all arrived adi.. So took some photos 1st, really cam whore ma.. XD

*shoot shoot* *Commercial break over*

Beef Sirloin Steak RM20 Was supposed to be mine, but the waiter said the wrong name, my other fren ate ki.. o.O swt..

Fish and Chip, forgot the full name of the dish ^^” RM11.50

Not sure wat’s the dish, Grilled salmon? ^^”

Grilled Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce RM8.50

Coleslaw~ Alot.. o.O

Fish Fingers RM2.50

Here’s the cake XD

*Singing Hapi Birthday song*

The cake looks so rich in fruits o.O I like the chocolate stick thingy lol

Group photo before bersurai~!

Yup.. Its an all-girls-nite 😛 bit crazy at the restaurant o.O

Me and Cynthia hoho..

Me and Laisy.. Si beh cam whore ho.. lol

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  1. evol says:

    hi serene, i’ve been following your blog for quite sometime since the anime convention in Spring~

    recently i am starting a blog and i joined 1800banners under your recommendation post ^^
    thanks alot~

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