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As everyone had heard  unless you’re a katak di bawah tempurung o.o The land of the rising sun which is Japan, experienced a few earth quakes up to 8.9 magnitude on 11th March 2011, the highest magnitude in history ever! Following the earth quakes, tsunami landed as well. Currently they are experiencing risk of explosions and radiation leakage from their affected nuclear plant in Fukushima. Heard the radiation had already leaked directly to the air @.@ For more info and updates on the situation, please Google search yourself, though Internet line might be slow due to the earthquake affecting one of the internet cables under the sea ^^”

And for Malaysians who have a human heart and wish to donate to Japan Earthquake victims and reconstruction, please choose one of the options below ^^ Every cent counts! So no matter what, anyone can donate eventhough you’re in financial crisis, but of coz, the more you donate, the better! 😀

Option 1: Cash/Cheque

Donors can send cheques or cash to the following address:

Secretary General
Malaysian Red Crescent Society
National Headquarters
32, Jalan Nipah off Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

*Cheques should be made out to the “MRCS International Relief Fund” or bank in into*

Option 2: Bank Transfer

Account No       :     5144 – 2210 – 2657

** Donations to the MRCS are entitled to tax exemption **

For further details, do please contact:

Suhana Mohamed Salleh
Manager Communications
Malaysian Red Crescent
32, Jalan Nipah off Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel :  603 – 4257 8122 ext 106/118
Mobile :  012 – 321 2937
Fax  :  603 – 4257 9867 / 4253 3191
E-Mail :  suhana@redcrescent.org.my

*Info taken from the Malaysian Red Crescent official website.

*Credit to my fren Ishihara Hotaru for posting up this info 😀

*Please help spread these info for better coverage, thank you~~~ ^.^

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