I’m Graduated!!

On 26th Oct 2011, I had my Graduation Ceremony, ending my Degree in BUS (Accounting). And I’m proud to say,

I am now officially GRADUATED!!! XDDDD

*nom nom nom* 😛

The educational staff preparing to enter the hall~

And bla bla bla the ceremony speech and here comes the award presentation! XD

OMG Tats me :DDD Thx to Nuwa Anak Pari for taking the photo, it was a priceless moment which we cant take ourselves including our parents 🙁 So TQ!! ^^

Me and my classmates during my degree, was so dam hungry during the ceremony, so *nom nom nom nom* @.@

My dad on my left, cousin on my right, BF on her right 😛

My mum came in XD

My sec school fren Mavis came to Congratulate to me too~ *sniffs*

Classmate camwhore~ :3

Thx Cynthia Darling for coming too ^^

And the usual gang sama sama in! XDDD

huhu We three finally graduated~ we wear square hat together~ Lucky is together all the way~~~ You’ll see this pic bit old classic style too~ so u’ll feel nostalgic XDDD

Throw hat on escalator *plz DO NOT do this at shopping malls*


All the flowers and gifts I received for Graduation :DDD

From Parents

From my Dear BF :3

From my cousin

I also received a chocolate bar + grad bear from my sec sch fren 😛 So far that’s the only pics from my side~ The whole day was rushing + tiring + sweating + photo shooting day! @.@ Once a lifetime, bopien~~~ XD Am happy its finally passed~ Meaning gonna move on to the next chapter in life, Congratzzz to all who graduated together with me, all the best in future endeavors and stay Healthy always ^^ Hope we will still keep in touch and gather once in awhile with my frens from uni from now onwards. I can also start my next journey, together with my loved one too >///<

But I’ll always remember the moments during my life in uni, coz it greatly change the way I lived ^^

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