Frisson’s Coffee & Dessert Bar

On one of the Saturdays, I went on an adventure street shooting at Damansara Uptown with my Olympus XZ-1, near my laopo’s workplace. At the same time waiting for them to finish work then go watch movie together with the others at Tropicana Mall XD

Found this cafe bar named Frisson’s Coffee & Dessert Bar with all those balloons outside @.@

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and I thought it was such pretty colors~ This angle really is beautiful! *shiok sendiri* XD

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Apparentlly they were having a kinda charity event with students from a college (forgot which college already >_<) where 10% of sales profit goes to charity~ Also, they were having 30% discounts on their new dessert bar! 😀

So yes, the balloons were for their reopening as Frisson’s Coffee & Dessert Bar, previously known as Frisson’s Coffee Bar.

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The environment is really nice and comfy, suitable for quiet work space or just a relaxing tea break during an off day 😀 There’s a selection of coffees and teas to choose from ^^

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As you can see, they have adequate space for a crowd, so I think having an event there will be wonderful 😀

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The dessert bar, filled with cute decorations >_<

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Purple balloons matches the purple potted lavender. I really love their wooden tables, very scenic! <3

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Tea has arrived, Alpaca approves! XD

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Beef Bacon Croissant RM15.90 . The name is really an understatement! I was shocked when this huge dish arrived, and I thought I’m just having a small bite while waiting for lunch X’D

The croissant is lovesss~~ Recommended by Frisson’s friendly tauke 😀

[singlepic id=4134 w=550 h= float=center]

Their waffle is very good too! Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, looked normal but the texture is just right~ Crispy but not too hard, with the suitable taste + extra toppings of chocolate syrup with oreo crush >_<

If you do visit Frisson’s Coffee & Dessert Bar, you must try these two from the menu! XD

[singlepic id=4135 w=550 h= float=center]

It was a special experience since I didn’t planned for this visit 😛 Thanks to the tauke and his assistants for being such friendly people and for the recommendations ^^

Location details

Address: 71-G, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (near Lafayette)
Contact no: 03-7732 9969
FB page:

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