The Moving Stall Selling Pao & Soya Bean

Just a recommendation on this certain moving stall selling Pao and Soya bean around Puchong (and also the one outside Sunway College), their Paos are dam super soft and full of filling! Quite worth it if compared among general Paos 8D The ones in Kuching, the skin is harder, I’m not sure why~ but I prefer the ones in KL, the moving stall selling Pao haha

*I shall call them the moving stall selling pao πŸ˜› *

At Puchong’s moving stall selling pao Continue reading

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Nana’s Green Tea @ 1U

On the same day as my CoCo ICHIBANYA review post here, me with laopo-tachis also went to Nana’s Green Tea for a break, since I heard from laopo and Kim that the desserts and green tea there are very good!? @.@

And it really is~ So is the price though >_< Well, come long long onceΒ  awhile seems ok :’D

Now this is the right path to a parfait! Continue reading

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Frisson’s Coffee & Dessert Bar

On one of the Saturdays, I went on an adventure street shooting at Damansara Uptown with my Olympus XZ-1, near my laopo’s workplace. At the same time waiting for them to finish work then go watch movie together with the others at Tropicana Mall XD

Found this cafe bar named Frisson’s Coffee & Dessert Bar with all those balloons outside @.@

and I thought it was such pretty colors~ This angle really is beautiful! *shiok sendiri* XD Continue reading

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Amcorp Mall Haul

And so…. begins the day I drilled a small hole in my wallet :’D Went to Amcorp Mall with my friend last last Sunday to explore the famous flea market held every Sunday. There were so many antiques!!! @.@ Figures and hot toys as well!! hahaha My friend’s main target to go there πŸ˜›

They have stalls/booths on every floor @.@

Well, not really in the condition to buy antiques (bolui T.T) or figures but I only have little interest in them XD until I saw.. Continue reading

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