Beware of Data Entry Job Scam!

It is sad that this kinda Data Entry Job Scam has reach Kuching territory >_< This person is from West Malaysia summore @.@

As recent as yesterday, there was a person who posted a Data Entry Job on Kuching Kang Tao group. After much research, it turned out to be a scam (and no, I didn’t get scammed :’D )

It sounds like a real job and such a good deal so I’m curious and went on to apply XD So did everyone else >_<

Sample post: I will not reveal the person’s fb account, it’s inappropriate to defame someone like that, hopefully that person will stop scamming people >.<

Titled: RM300 – RM800 per Week: Home-based Data Entry Typists

How is it a Scam?

Well, first, this data entry job scam person will send you an email or PM the details to you, telling you how it’s done and that you only need to type job vacancies on certain websites, no need to think. Yup, description quite vague if you ask me :v You’ll be paid RM25 per article (job vacancy) typed and posted, usually 15 articles could be done per week, thus RM25 x 15 = RM375/week. Do 30 you’ll get RM750/week and will direct bank in to your local bank of choice, but it’s all a lieeeeee!

And there’s no company name, system is all done online. No physical office. You don’t even need an interview <– suspicious

Most of all, you’ll be asked to pay a fee up front for their so-called training material, which ranges from RM38 – RM250. This one was RM50. Now this is where it gets interesting..

What if you ask them to deduct from the jobs fee you completed? They’ll say it cannot be done due to Accounting record will be complicated. (If don’t have a physical office, how would you do the accounts? :v )

Proof of payments couldn’t be shown unless you paid the fee, and the bank account details doesn’t match with the person’s name on Facebook or email. Well, lets say your curiosity got the better of you and you decided to try this awesome too-good-to-be-true job, paid the RM50 and got the training material.

Training Material Content

Guess what’s inside?? An exact replicate system of what the person is doing now.

  1. Type/Copy & paste the same RM300 – RM800 per Week: Home-based Data Entry Typists job vacancy onto websites
  2. Send email, process YOUR customer data aka YOUR scam victim’s data
  3. Ask them pay RM50 fee up front

And this cycle repeats itself over and over to every person who “applied” for the job, IF they paid for it. Eventhough they said it is not illegal, this is not even a data entry job anymore orzzzz

So, Always Remember:

  • NO legitimate jobs will ever ask you to pay for anything! Either up front fees, deposits (for confidentiality), training materials etc etc
  • Official company/employer will provide training materials or trainings for FREE
  • For confidentiality deposits, you can always sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) instead of paying a deposit. (actually paying a deposit is ridiculous!)
  • Always do research on the company (or scam system) before paying. (Good thing if you ask me pay something, I sure check kao kao :v )

If you see any similar ad (mostly are data entry job scam , no matter how they twist it), do refrain from applying. What pisses me off is this person is tricking other people into scamming more people! And those people needed extra cash D:  In Kuching some more! @.@ Please la, if you got scammed, DO NOT cause others to be scammed too and re-confirm your own status if you are still clueless that you were scammed, face the music! 🙁

*Even Neobux, simcard mobile MLM is better than this lousy scam :’D

If you had this kinda experience, feel free to share or comment below so others could learn from it 😀 Also, share out this post too so everyone that you care about won’t get scammed >_<

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