Anthony Bourdain Approves Sarawak Laksa

Old news, but still, it was an exciting news that Anthony Bourdain expresses love for Sarawak Laksa! As a CNN program host, he came to Sarawak 2nd time, this time, for filming of the program show, namely Parts Unknown.

His post on Facebook saying ” Yessssss…. #laksa #Kuching” went viral, has over 45k likes and shared over 2k times! Not very big, but is an achievement for Sarawak to get better coverage of its uniqueness >_< Thank you to CNN, CNN crews and Anthony Bourdain for introducing our Sarawak Laksa! He’s also getting a traditional hand tattoo in one of the native villages in his most recent post @.@ Hardcore! Looking forward to the TV program show 😀

On a side note, we are also proud for our Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee, specialty in Kuching XD Many visitors came, ate, and complimented :3

So if you got the chance, please come and have a taste for yourself, you don’t need to lick your screen LOL

PS: Tips! For West Malaysians, AirAsia always offer low fares from time to time (flying from West Malaysia to East Malaysia), but you’ll need to plan half to one year ahead 😉 (but it’s so cheap that you could afford to throw it away if can’t make it :P)

(Credit Source: The Star)


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